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What Do Credibility, Trust and Reputation Buy You?

When you have trust, credibility, and reputation, you have an admission ticket into stakeholders’ lives and into a relationship with them. You have the right to engage and interact with them in the ways that are important or even necessary … Continue reading

The Two T’s of Stakeholder Relationships and Reputation

Stakeholders are important to your business because they have influences (opinion, advocacy, action) that matter to your current and future success. Both stakeholder relationships and the communications that feed them can be transactional or transformational.   Think of transactional as … Continue reading

Why WWSD Matters to Your Reputation

In our personal lives, what if a person always dominated a conversation with”me” and “I”?What would we call that? Probably not a flattering label. However, in our professional lives it’s pretty common for planning and decision-making to start there. Organizational … Continue reading

Reputation Isn’t a PR Thing, It’s a Relationship Thing

The dictionary definition suggests reputation is about public perception and admiration. However, this is a very narrow view. While perception and admiration matter to reputation, leaving the understanding of reputation there can cause people within an organization to believe that … Continue reading