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The Reputation Bank is designed for communicators of all levels - from new comms pros to CEOs. Whether you need a completely new communications perspective or just some tweaks, The Reputation Bank exercises provide you with the insights and guidance that can lead you to healthier stakeholder relationships, better decision-making, and a stronger reputation.

Included in The Reputation Bank license fee:

  • 12 months of access to our secure, digital online course and planning tool
  • Use The Reputation Bank learning and planning tool on our secure servers, or contact us about a SCORM-certified, LMS-ready version of The Reputation Bank
  • 3+ hours of interactive reputation learning and planning advice
  • 15 guided interactive exercises with digital and printable worksheets that will help you build a comprehensive communication plan to strengthen stakeholder relationships and overall reputation
  • Note: The Reputation Bank is designed for use on desktops or laptops, not mobile devices. For Apple users, please use the web browser Chrome instead of Safari to access all of the features and functions of The Reputation Bank.


  1. A roadmap for stronger, more meaningful, and lasting relationships with key stakeholders
  2. Strategic insights that power transformational communications with stakeholders
  3. Ability to predict and prevent potential business issues and simple communication errors that can cause expensive damage to your reputation
  4. A stronger foundation for reputation-positive decision-making in your organization
  5. The building blocks of a robust communication and reputation-building plan

Marylou McNally

Chief Reputation Officer The Reputation Bank

Marylou McNally is president and founder of the private consulting firm and products company, Content Laboratory. Marylou has more than 25 years of experience working with small and large companies on strategy activation, branding, corporate communications, issues management, marketing, product and organizational communications, content creation, culture brand development and change management. Marylou guides companies through the creation of strategic, communication, cultural, and reputation frameworks. She works closely with companies and executives to develop industry thought leadership. Marylou created and is the author of the reputation and stakeholder engagement planning tool, The Reputation Bank.