deeper understanding about the stakeholders that have direct impacts on your business through: Action/Control, Advocacy and/or Opinion. Their perceptions matter because they can make or break your business.

The Reputation Bank goes beyond interactive communications learning, it also includes guided planning exercises that can be the foundations of robust communications and reputation plans. The exercises will guide you through the process of:

Identifying your key stakeholders and their influence

Developing transformational (vs. transactional) relationships with stakeholders

Diving deep into the core identities of stakeholders and what motivates them

Gaining admission tickets into stakeholders’ lives

Developing insights that engage stakeholders from their point of view

Understanding the success rules that govern ongoing stakeholder advocacy

Clarifying the role of stakeholder-centric communications during change

Shaping the role of leader communications in strong internal & external reputation

Putting the learning into action by building your Reputation Bank account

Understanding the metaphorical short- and long-term value of positive transactional and transformational communications on your Reputation Bank account

Learning how negative communications have short- and long-term impact on your Reputation Bank

Identifying how much credibility you need to put in the bank to save for a rainy day when issues may drain credibility out of your Reputation Bank account

Become reputation rich and brand wealthy - need to see to beleive?

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